My name is Wes Hicks

I'm a Senior Front End Developer at Red Ventures currently living in Charlotte, NC.

I specialize in building modern web applications, with my focus and passion being JavaScript.

I'm a tinkerer by nature. I grew up playing computer games and found myself tearing apart their config files to try and unlock achievements/levels that I hadn't earned yet. This curiosity lead me to my passion, software engineering, and has stuck with me ever since.

I love digging into technical problems and working with a team to solve issues. Getting in the zone and programming for hours on end is highly fulfilling, whether it's working on greenfield projects or maintaining and updating a legacy codebase. I also have experience leading teams of developers both in a technical and managerial sense.

Mentoring junior developers and guiding others on their career paths is something that I find deeply fulfilling. I regularly volunteer with a STEM education non-profit organization, Road To Hire, which aims to help under privileged youths break into the tech industry.

I love to understand how things work, and I try to improve processes and reduce feedback loops wherever I can, be it in my personal life or professional work.

More About Me

In my free time I'm a photographer, specializing in landscapes (urban and nature). I'm beginning to develop my skills as a portrait photographer as well. You can view samples of my work at my photography portfolio, or you can view the work that I've uploaded to, a royalty-free stock photography website. To date, my work has been downloaded over 300,000 times, and has been seen by over 55,000,000 people on Unsplash. I am available for freelance photography projects both locally (in Charlotte, NC), and abroad. If you would like to work with me on a project, please send me a message.

Professional Experience

During my career, I've worked with the following languages or technologies:

  • Client-side JS: in the form of frameworks (Vue, React) and vanilla (ES5 and ES6+).
  • Server-side JS: Node applications.
  • LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. I have several years of experience working with PHP, via frameworks such as Laravel/Symfony, and also proprietary frameworks. Additionally, I have extensive experience building relational database systems with MySQL.
  • I have cursory experience with Golang, which I've been developing in on a regular basis for my current position (it's quickly becoming a favorite!).
  • I've built and maintained Docker containers for my current role, and quickly adopted them into my personal projects.
  • HTML and CSS are second nature to me these days, due to my long history of working with them. These days I prefer to write my CSS in SCSS as a means of improving my development workflow.
  • I've worked heavily with Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt. I'm proficient in each of these and would feel confident stepping into a codebase that utilizes them, or spinning up a new project from scratch with these tools at the backbone of the development flow (okay, I'd probably need a quick refresher with Grunt, it's been ages!).
  • Build pipeline systems / Devops type tech that I've worked with: CircleCI, Jenkins, AWS (mostly S3), DigitalOcean.

Traditional Résumé

Senior Front End Developer - Red Ventures
March 2018 - Present
  • Tech owner and lead front end engineer of front end platform tooling, used across entire organzination of 30+ engineering teams. Tooling consists of docker-ized workspace for consistency in workflow across the organization, which developers interact with via a Golang CLI tool.
  • Lead front end engineer on site performance and auditing dashboard utilized by every site within the organization
  • Team lead, responsible for architecting and developing Vue.js applications
  • Team lead, overseeing and developing skills of, and assisting with career paths of direct reports
  • Sought-after, key individual for high-priority tasks, including various high visibility sprints which involved travel to satellite office in Pasadena, CA, and working with other satellite offices in Detroit, MI and West Palm Beach, FL
  • Active participant in company Front End Developer interviewing team, including technical phone screens, conductor of in-person whiteboard interview sessions and position-relevant interview sessions. Active participant in tiger team to revise and optimize FED interview process
Front End Developer - Red Ventures
November 2016 - March 2018
  • Assist in complete rebuild of new consumer website for Fortune 100 company
  • Introduce module design pattern for JS components
  • Architect and build out location-based content system
Lead Full Stack Developer - Life3D, LLC
August 2014 - November 2016
  • Lead development team in all projects from front end development to backend structure and function
  • Built CRM using OAuth-secured API built with Symfony, and React (with Redux)
  • Develop full business management software providing timesheet management, employee scheduling, bid creation, and job management
  • Construct content management system, fully featured, capable of single and multiple page websites, with a full user system and document manager built in
  • Integrate systems with various APIs, including Amazon Web Services S3, Stripe Payment Processor, Google Maps Engine, Paypal, and Cpanel/WHM API
  • Develop and maintain business management portal for Life3D that allows the project based business to manage a small team, and integrates quoting, billing, and payments directly into software
Full Stack Developer - Life3D, LLC
January 2013 - August 2014
  • Assist in rewrite project management/estimation web application for aerospace industry
  • Played role in initial development of new business management software
  • Maintained and updated internal tools of Life3D (customer management web application, including adding automated billing system via Stripe
Student Web Developer - University of North Carolina at Charlotte
August 2013 - May 2014
  • Under guidance of university web development team: Worked with Drupal content management system to make structural changes to page templates
  • Under guidance of university web development team: Worked with Graphic Designers to build stand-alone special event websites
Techincal Support Techician - University of North Carolina at Charlotte
October 2011 - August 2013
  • Provided technical support for College of Computing and Informatics, including student computing labs, staff offices, and Dean's office


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

B.A. Software and Information Systems
Charlotte, NC May 2014

Minor: Technical Writing

Senior Project: Trackr - architected, designed, and built a software bug tracking system using Object Oriented PHP and JavaScript